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Franz-Georg Wieland

Institute of Physics
University of Freiburg
Hermann-Herder Str. 3
79104 Freiburg
phone: +49 761 203 8533
mail: franz-georg.wieland -at-


D2D - Data 2 Dynamics
Research Interests
  • Structural and practical identifiability of non-linear systems
  • MCMC-analysis of high-dimensional models
  • Non-linear optimization for parameter estimation in systems biology
  • ODE-based modelling
  • Uncertainty analysis of non-linear systems
  • Modelling of cell-signalling pathways
  • Modelling of optogenetic gene expression
  • Modelling of phase separation within cells
  • Modelling of cancer cell growth and TGFß-signalling pathways
Link to ORCID
F-G. Wieland, A.L. Hauber, M. Rosenblatt, C. Tönsing, J. Timmer
On structural and practical identifiability
Current Opinion in Systems Biology (2021) 25
N. Schneider*, F-G. Wieland*, D. Kong, A.A.M. Fischer, M. Hörner, J. Timmer, H. Ye, W. Weber
Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation of Light-Inducible Transcription Factors Increases Transcription Activation in Mammalian Cells and Mice
PLoS Computational Biology (2021) 17(1): e1008646
* Shared first authorship
L. Schmiester, Y. Schälte, F.T. Bergmann, T. Camba, E. Dudkin, J. Egert, F. Fröhlich, L. Fuhrmann, A.L. Hauber, S. Kemmer, P. Lakrisenko, C. Loos, S. Merkt, W. Müller, D. Pathirana, E. Raimúndez, L. Refisch, M. Rosenblatt, P.L. Stapor, P. Städter, D. Wang, F-G. Wieland, J.R. Banga, J. Timmer, A.F. Villaverde, S. Sahle, C. Kreutz, J. Hasenauer, D. Weindl
PEtab - Interoperable specification of parameter estimation problems in systems biology
PLoS Computational Biology (2021) 17(1): e1008646
R. Ochoa-Fernandez, N.B. Abel, F-G. Wieland, J. Schlegel, L.-A. Koch, J.B. Miller, R. Engesser, G. Giuriani, S.M. Brandl, J. Timmer, W. Weber, T. Ott, R. Simon, M.D. Zurbriggen
PULSE: Optogenetic control of gene expression in plants in the presence of ambient white light
Nature Methods (2020) 17 (717–725)
Master thesis: Bayesian parameter estimation in systems biology: Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling of biochemical networks (link)
Bachelor thesis: Implementation and assessment of optimization approaches for parameter estimation in systems biology (link)

Conferences and workshops
Poster e:Med Meeting 2022 on Systems Medicine Personalized Treatment of Anemia Associated to Chronic Kidney Disease
Poster Systems Biology Retreat with DKFZ Heidelberg Profile likelihood and identifiability & Prediction uncertainty and optimal experimental design
Poster SBMC 2022 Personalized Treatment of Anemia Associated to Chronic Kidney Disease & Receptor turnover and feedback control are key mechanisms shaping the cell type-specific dynamics of TGFß signaling in lung cancer
Attendance International Conference on Engineered Living Materials 2021
Attendance DPG-Frühjahrstagung BP-CPP-DY-SOE
Talk and Poster Optogenetic cell signaling - modelling two frontiers in synthetic biology
INCOME2021: Integrative pathway modeling in systems biology and systems medicine
Research visit Research visit to the group of Prof. Daniel Memmert at the German Sports University Cologne
Attendance INCOME2019: Integrative pathway modeling in systems biology and systems medicine, Berlin
Certified participation Predicting treatment response for acute myeloid leukemia patients using machine learning
Course on Machine Learning for Bioinformatics & Systems Biology, Amsterdam
Attendance ODE Modelling in Systems Biology, FRIAS Junior Researcher Conference, Freiburg

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